Benefits of long-term investing: check out more details

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Long-term investing helps people in retirement planning, purchasing a home, funding children’s education abroad and other aspirations that require significant financial resources.

What is long-term investing

Long-term investments can be defined as those assets that an individual or entity holds for more than 12 months. They can either be bonds, shares, monetary instruments or real estate. Assets in long-term investments will not be sold for many years and in some cases never at all.

Benefits of long-term investments

Capital appreciation: Long-term investments have the potential for significant capital appreciation over time. This is particularly beneficial for long-term financial goals such as retirement planning and wealth accumulation.

Compound interest: Long-term investments benefit from compound interest and can exponentially increase the value of the initial investment over time.

Risk reduction: Long-term investment strategies typically involve diversification, which reduces the risk associated with investing in single stocks . This diversification allows investors to participate in various sectors and asset classes, further mitigating risk.

Tax benefits: Long-term investments often come with tax benefits, such as lower capital gains taxes for investments held over longer periods.

Flexibility and convenience: Long-term investments provide simple entry and exit points, making them versatile investments

Reduced investment cost: Every time you buy and sell investment, you’ll be paying trading fees, so the more you jump in and out of the market, the higher your trading fees could be.

The more an investor pays in trading fees, the less returns they’ll get to keep. Remaining invested for a number of years could help you keep these fees to a minimum and make the most of your returns.

Less emotion-driven decisions: Long-term investors tend to be less affected by short-term market noise and emotions. They are more likely to stick to their investment strategy, avoiding impulsive decisions based on market fluctuations.

Time for recovery: Long-term investments bounce back from market downturns. Given that market corrections and bear markets are temporary, those committed to long-term strategies can capitalise on subsequent market upswings.

Peace of mind: Long-term investing reduces the need for constant monitoring and market timing. Investors can have peace of mind, knowing that their investments are on track to achieve long-term financial objectives.

When investing in the long term, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure that your investments are successful.

It is essential to have a clear understanding of your financial goals, as this will help you determine the appropriate asset allocation and investment strategy.

Cultivate a diversified portfolio to mitigate risk and optimise potential returns.

Prior to making any investment decisions, conduct thorough research to ensure informed choices aligning with your goals and risk tolerance.

Develop a well-defined strategy tailored to your objectives, and steadfastly adhere to it, resisting the temptation to deviate in response to market fluctuations.

First Published: Apr 25 2024 | 5:08 PM IST

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CA Pooja Gupta (CA, ISA, having 15 years of experience. Educator and Digital Creator

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CA Pooja Gupta (CA, ISA, having 15 years of experience. Educator and Digital Creator

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